The Sulawesi Collection of reclaimed old growth teak wood furniture is inspired by what lies beneath the water in the beautiful archipelago of Indonesia. Sulawesi is one of Indonesia's many islands, known for incredible diving. This collection takes cues from coral and other sea life making a contemporary look contrasted by an organic hand-carved pattern by our artisans. This collection is made from solid 100% reclaimed old growth teak wood of Indonesia. Not only is this a sustainable method of obtaining teak, it's the most beautiful. Reclaimed wood is superior in quality because it's old growth wood, which is inherently more dense, has a more beautiful grain pattern and a higher oil content than any plantation grown wood. This furniture has a timeless design made with wood that will last for generations.

  • 100% Sustainable Made from solid reclaimed indonesian teak wood
  • Hand carved pattern by artisans.
  •  Inspired by coral and marine life of Indonesia
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