A small company thinking big.

Beau and Meggan Wynja launched World Effect, a home décor and furnishings company in 2008 by traveling around the world for 2 years visiting 48 countries.  Along the way they met with artisans, fair trade organizations and small family businesses to develop their products and find inspiration for more designs to come.  

Travel has influenced both the way World Effect’s products are designed as well as the way they conduct their business.  World Effect designs are contemporary reinterpretations of the cultures, art, architecture, food and everything else that inspires while discovering the world we live in.  Socially and environmentally responisble practices are a cornerstone of World Effect’s business model.  They are passionate about supporting Fair Trade, giving back to the communities they work with and minimizing their impact on the environment.

All World Effect products fall into one or a combination of three categories: Artisan, Environment and Global Local.  Learn more about these in “Our World.

MegganMeggan Fadden Wynja

Co-Founder and the Director of Design of World Effect and World Effect Studio.  Meggan graduated from the University of Tennessee with a degree in Interior Design from the college of Architecture.  She has designed with large firms across the country for 13 years.  Meggan is passionate about travel, art, photography and a good trashy book on a random beach.  She is married to Beau, who is also her business partner.







Beau Wynja

Co-Founder of World Effect.  Beau graduated from Leeds School of Business at University of Colorado.  He co-owned and operated a sales firm in the outdoor industry for 12 years.  Beau is an avid photographer and enjoys running and other outdoor activities.  His passion is traveling.   He is married to his business partner, Meggan.    


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